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Laptop vs Desktop: More Choice Than Ever Before


Fortunately, computer technology has come a long way since the days of laptops with limited battery life and desktops with cumbersome hard drives and tangles of wires. Nowadays, when you choose a new computer, you really can take your needs into account.

laptop vs desktop

Laptop vs. Desktop: More Choice Than Ever Before

If you enjoy the wireless mobility and touchscreen capabilities of a laptop to stay connected and quickly navigate your favorite sites, all while sipping coffee at your neighborhood café, then the Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ might be the new breed of computer that fits your life on-the-go.

For those who enjoy a near theatre-quality experience while viewing their favorite HD movies, the new all-in-one PC is a stylish alternative to the traditional home computer. It’s a popular choice for families who love getting together in their leisure time for online gaming and listening to music.

Laptop or Ultrabook™

Advances in Intel® Coreprocessors, battery life, and visual displays have vastly improved the performance possibilities of laptops. Multitasking—like staying connected to your social network while preparing a report for school or work—is faster and more efficient than ever.1

For the exciting combination of a laptop with the capabilities of a tablet, including touchscreen technology and a range of screen displays from sliding to double-sided, check out the Ultrabook™ convertible.2

Laptops and Ultrabook™ with Intel® Core™ processors include:

  • Intel® Smart Connect Technology to constantly keep you updated on email and social networks
  • Intel® Rapid Start Technology3 to get you from standby to up-and-running in under seven seconds
  • Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT)4 to disable your laptop or Ultrabook™ if lost or stolen
  • Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT)5 to protect your identity while social networking and using the Internet

Desktop or All-in-One PC

A redesign of the desktop is moving the PC from the home office to the living room. Wireless capability and the option of a 27-inch wall-mountable monitor make the all-in-one PC a popular choice with families who want less clutter and simple elegance. The result is more performance.

Everyone, from serious gamers to parents who enjoy streaming their favorite family-friendly programs, will appreciate the improved performance of Intel® Core™ processors in desktops and all-in-one PCs.

Choose What Fits

Today, the laptop versus desktop choice is more than a product comparison—it’s a question of knowing your lifestyle. So take a moment and consider all the work, entertainment, and social networking activities you use a computer for and you’ll be well prepared to find a device that fits your life.

The Intel® Product Finder can help you decide between laptop, desktop, Ultrabook™, or tablet.

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