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HP Pro 3500 Core i5 2nd Generation Tower PC


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HP Pro 3500 Core i5 2nd Generation Tower PC Review

HP Pro 3500 Core i5 2nd Generation Tower PC Review

HP Pro 3500 Core i5 2nd Generation Tower PC might be called the Consumer Electronics Show, but major PC makers like HP are introducing business desktops at the show too. HP business desktops run the gamut from standalone PCs made for the SMB crowd, all the way up to network managed PCs for the enterprise market. As usual, the enterprise-class PCs come with 12-month product cycles to ease the minds of buyers in the IT purchasing department plus environmental and energy certifications to keep your CIO happy.

What if you’re a company that doesn’t have a CIO or even a full time IT person? The HP 100B all-in-one PC is made for the small business. The 100B had a built-in 20-inch monitor, dual-core AMD processor, AMD Radeon HD graphics, up to 8GB of memory, up to 750GB hard drive, and can equipped with Windows 7 Professional. The HP 100B starts at $499 and is expected to be available in February 2011.

The HP Compaq 4000 Pro is a small form factor desktop designed for both small businesses with minimal IT staff and medium sized businesses with a full-time IT staff. The 4000 Pro has legacy connectors like RS-232 (serial), PS/2, and VGA to help stretch the life of your existing peripherals. The system can be equipped with budget processors like the Intel Celeron, all the way up to the Intel Core 2 Quad. A variety of options are available for the varied users in your business: Blu-ray writer, Windows 7 or Vista, up to 1TB hard drive, and standard multi-monitor support. The 4000 Pro has EPEAT Gold certified configurations to help your company save on energy bills. The HP Compaq 4000 Pro starts at $499 and will be available next month.

The HP Compaq 6200 Pro is HP’s mid-level business PC, aimed at the medium to enterprise level business user. The 6200 Pro is available in SFF and micro-tower configurations: the micro tower gives the IT manager more configuration options including multiple drives like a 160GB SSD boot drive with up to 1TB of data storage. The 6200 Pro adds enterprise-desirable features like IT network manageability, minimum 12-month product cycle, TPM security hardware (Trusted Platform Module), and Energy Star/EPEAT Gold certified configurations. The 6200 Pro supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Novell SUSE Linux. The HP Compaq 6200 Pro starts at $619 and will be available March 28.

Last but not least, the HP Compaq 8200 Elite is the performance-oriented desktop in HP’s business stable. The 8200 Elite is available in the most form factors (from smallest to largest: Ultra-Slim, SFF, Micro-tower, and Convertible Minitower. The Convertible Minitower is the most expandable member of the family, with power and features just shy of HP’s Professional Workstation lines. The 8200 Elite series can be quipped with a variety of high-end processors, from Intel’s Core i3, i5, and i7 lines. Select processor configurations support Intel’s vPro, along with vPro’s enterprise benefits. The 8200 Pro also has Energy Star/EPEAT Gold configurations, plus it ups the ante with 15-month minimum product life. This will help ease product rollouts and will let you stretch IT capital budgets over two calendar years. The HP Compaq 8200 Elite will be available on March 7, with a starting price of $679.