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Dell Optiplex 755 Tower


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PC Review

There can be little doubt that you are familiar with the name Dell. This company has managed to make itself into one of the largest supplier of computers in the world. We take a look at Dell’s latest business desktop, the Optiplex 755.Having received a PC for review we usually go straight to the manufacture’s Web site to check what specifications are claimed there. In the case of the OptiPlex 755, we immediately struck a problem: the designation 755 is applied to a whole range of machines.When asked what set of qualities distinguished a 755 series machine from other units we were told “energy efficiency” by Dell. It’s certainly good to know that efficiency is such an important consideration in the design of these machines, but personally I’d like to see the finer distinctions between these machines laid out a bit more clearly.The OptiPlex 755 range includes, minitower, desktop, small and ultra-small form factors, with a range of processor options. We were supplied with a Small Form Factor (SFF) machine for review.How We Tested
PCMark2005, 3DMark06, Cinebench 9.5, and Sandra Pro provide us with our hard performance scores when testing. We also provide the Windows Experience Index scores provided by Vista. Aside from raw performance, we also consider a number of physical design issues. PCMark assesses the machine’s overall performance with specific scores given for CPU, memory, graphics and HDD; this gives us a useful indicator of performance dealing with typical office tasks.3DMark and Cinebench are indicators of the machines graphics capabilities. We also use Sandra Pro to give some specific figures on processor, memory and drive performance. Usability issues include location (and type) of ports and buttons as well as additional software utilities. Construction elements of interest are case material quality and ease of opening for maintenance and upgrades. Sound quality is also considered along with the software included with the machine.